About Us

It Won't Fit! provides delivery and removal service in Kitsap County and the surrounding Puget Sound area.  We deliver and remove items that "won't fit" in your car and that's where our name comes from. 

It Won't Fit! delivers furniture, exercise equipment, televisions, mattresses, and other heavy and bulky items. We can also remove these items for disposal, recycling, or donation. 

What We Do -

It Wonít Fit! is a licensed and insured intercity delivery company.  We deliver household furniture, exercise equipment, toys, mattresses, gun safes, televisions, lawn & garden supplies, patio & deck furniture, barbecues, and many household appliances.

We deliver from stores, between friends and family, to & from consignment stores, between business-to-business, and for both Craigslist buyers and sellers. 

We can help you move furniture within your house when carpets are being cleaned or new floors installed.

We can take away your old furniture, appliances, and other unwanted, unneeded, or broken items.  We can donate them to a charity, recycle them, or dispose of them.

» What We Donít Do -

It Wonít Fit! is not a household goods mover.  We do not move apartments, homes, or offices - big or small.  

We do not deliver palletized freight, pianos, spas, or undertake yard waste or construction debris hauling.

We do not connect or disconnect power, water, gas and other utilities to appliances or electronics.

If you don't see what you want listed above, please call us and we'll do what we can to help.  We have many connections within the local community, so if we can't help, we can hopefully put you in touch with someone who can.

Full service when you want it. Economy when you need it. 
We are licensed, insured, and easy to work with.

Please contact us at (360) 692.4456
or email us at itwontfit@comcast.net

Do you have family visiting for the Holidays?

If you're planning on buying a new dining table, or other furniture, this is one of our busiest periods - don't wait until the last moment to get your purchases home. 

We will be closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, open again on Saturday 30th November.



If you're clearing out the house and garage and find yourself with unwanted household items that still work, you can avoid the landfill and donate or sell them without leaving home.  Sometimes called "the garage sale that never sleeps", the Kitsap County sponsored 2-Good-2-Toss website provides a way to post unwanted items for sale for $99 or less.  For more information, click here.

The Kitsap County website also lists various places where specific items can be recycled - click here.


It Won't Fit! will collect old gas barbecues from you to recycle - just give us a call and we'll stop by and pick it up.

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